Tips and Tricks

Easy local revision checkout


git fetch origin refs/reviewable/pr756/r6
git checkout FETCH_HEAD


Reviewable stores references to commits associated with each revision on Github.
This has a handy side effect of making it easy to checkout a local copy of any revision from any Reviewable pull request.

This can be done in two steps.

  1. Get a reference to the pull request or revision of interest.
  2. Checkout or make use of that reference.

1. Get the revision reference

If your prId were 756 and your desired revision were 6 as in the image above, you would store revision reference in .git/FETCH_HEAD constant using

git fetch origin refs/reviewable/pr756/r6

Note that the form of the reviewable reference titles as shown above is refs/reviewable/pr${prId}/r${revisionId} .

The ids prId and revisionId are available by inspection on the review page:

crop from review page showing prId of 756 and revisionId of 6

You can also just explore the references using the git client, by typing a reference name partially, as in git fetch origin refs/reviewable/, and then use tab completion to get your options.

2. Use the revision reference

After saving the FETCH_HEAD reference as described above, you can use it as you see fit.

For example check out the revision code using

git checkout FETCH_HEAD

or glance at the log using

git log -n 1 --oneline FETCH_HEAD